Raising the Bar in Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment (eCOA)

iCardiac’s QPoint delivers the shortest and most efficient study configuration and startup in the industry, and offers a new level of subject monitoring in real time. Through our advanced reporting and global device connectivity coverage, sites and sponsors have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips for accurate, real time decisions during randomization and throughout the trial.

The QPoint platform is engineered for rapid configuration and customization to your protocol specifics. Our RapidStart simulator enables study teams to view and make changes to a working device in real time via our interactive portal.

This saves up to three weeks in the development cycle, since we eliminate lag times associated with the back-and-forth sharing of screenshots to achieve final approvals.

iCardiac will configure your eCOA study in no more than 6 to 8 weeks, and often faster if needed, if you are using standardized, approved, and translated questionnaires. Our hardware is configured to your study protocol after the devices have arrived at the research site. Delayed hardware deliveries are never an issue – we pre-ship the equipment while the final configurations are going through approvals.

Up-to-Date Subject Monitoring

Data from the subject reaches our servers reliably through our comprehensive device connectivity options, including WiFi and cellular from 7 global network providers. Better coverage means fewer periods when devices are not transmitting information, which provides faster feedback loops to the site and study team to implement intervention steps.

Improved Randomization Accuracy

Our fully integrated back-end dashboard delivers real time eCOA compliance data, along with respiratory and cardiac safety endpoint information in user-friendly Eligibility Reports. Sites have all the information they need to ensure a more accurate patient inclusion/exclusion decision.

Effortless Implementation of Updates

Whether a subject is transitioning from screening to randomization status, or a protocol amendment needs to be implemented, iCardiac’s eCOA platform can remotely and automatically update devices deployed worldwide. Our remote update algorithms help eliminate human error, unnecessary site visits, and data change forms associated with manual steps required by other providers.

Patient-Centric Solution

We offer outstanding subject support. If a patient has problems with their device, they can call our Help Desk team toll-free, in any country. Our support team can remotely connect to QPoint, and resolve issues quickly. Our devices lead the industry in battery life and screen size, thus improving the overall ease of use for each subject.


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